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All custom configuration goes to your ~/.ssh/config.


You want to use a bastion to proxify your SSH connexion? Here is my configuration:

ForwardAgent yes
StrictHostKeyChecking no
HashKnownHosts no
PermitLocalCommand yes

# don't proxify thoses hosts
Host bastion* *
ProxyCommand none

# proxify the following
Host * admin
ServerAliveInterval 1
ProxyCommand ssh "/bin/bash -c 'exec 3<>/dev/tcp/%h/%p && exec 4>&1 && exec 5<&0 && cat <&3>&4 | cat <&5>&3'"

Host admin

Before i let netcat handle the brige, but i doesn't really like this tool as it tend to bug and it is not a standard package, i now use the pure bash 3 TCP redirection you could see on the previous block (your bash has to be compiled with the option); for history sake here is the way to do the gateway using netcat (it's also the most used way on the internet):

ProxyCommand ssh nc -w 2 -q 0 %h %p