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First blog post

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Hello, this is the first blog post.

It has been over ten years building a blog has been in my todo, it's a done thing now.


Why this blog?

It's primary a place where i'll put some technical stuff to avoid forgeting them. Yes, the main visitor is me, so it's optimised to fit my needs.

But why, for heck sake, building another blog engineā€½

For the kick, obviously.

The main features of this blog engine are:

  • billets are written in reStructured text format, using my favorite editor: vim (but other powerful editors such as emacs are also supported :)
  • unicode support
  • generate the HTML once! (hum nearly) the WSGI server is only required for the filters / search and the contact form, otherwise it build a static website
  • lightweight (well, if you omit the docutils)
  • relatively low on dependencies, i use

You can find more informations at the about page.

If you want to see the code, it's fully available at

I hope you'll enjoy your visit and forgive the eccentricity of my decisions :)